Friday, June 6, 2008

Screenshot: 15 ways to cutting fuel expenses... and then some

My comment on Screenshot's posting: 15 ways to cutting fuel expenses... and then some

Dear Jeff,

Given the fact that you're a learned MP, I hope you'll press for quick resolution our public transportation which is in the states of shambles. If it’s not you (since you’re busy with technology matters), let somebody champion it. Ministry of Transportation is like a big kayu doing nothing at the moment. If they do, do inform us but no news means nothing!

For me, I can understand the global market forces that bring about the petrol price that we have today though government’s strategy of implementing it sucks to the highest order.

But what I can't understand is why NO (BIG N & O) MPs (be it from BN or PR) are fighting for a better public transportation system. Suddenly nobody is fighting for the rakyat, no?

Now that we've save A HELL LOT of money from petrol subsidies, why not somebody or anybody in the parliament (I don’t bloody care if you’re opposition or with the ruling coalition) WORK on the public transportation to improve it.

I understand that constructing the system and infrastructure will take donkey years, but the more you delay this, the longer we are going to enjoy excellent public transportation. So, please do whatever you need to do so that we move on and develop as a better nation. Come out with whatever Suruhanjaya or whatever crap you call it, JUST GET IT DONE!

I hope you’re not one of those MPs that just talk but not much is done because most of the time spent talking to people (which in Parliament it apparently shows. It’s like an executive who are busy in meetings but get minimal time to do the actual work.

Harping on the issue can only do so much. There are 1001 issues that are disturbing us. This is where Y-O-U PRIORITISE your issues and FOCUS on it. Know what your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE is.

With better public transportation, by then only we all can reduce our reliance on our own car i.e usage of petrol.

p.s. Sorry to sound so Bossy, but you’re elected by the people for the people.

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