Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life's Happenings: Is Malaysia's Fuel Price Cheaper?

My comment to Life's Happenings' posting: Is Malaysia's Fuel Price Cheaper?

Dear Johnny,

I found your website while reading RPK's latest article titled "You Eliminate The Plague By Killing The Rats".

True enough, whenever there's a fuel hike, our government will always compare the prices against our neighbours which is down right stupid. I say it is stupid because comparison of one item is not a fair assessment of the overall picture. It just shows the government's lack of credibility in putting the right message to the people.

At the same time, I'm quite not happy when a person chooses to say something which is not a whole picture as well. Your comparison of petrol price and the connotation of Malaysia as a net oil exporter is one such analysis i.e. incomplete!

Now that you've researched on the petrol price, have you looked on the bigger picture of the oil and gas industry?

I'd like you to compare each of the countries that you have listed above, on the following items:
1. Population
2. Oil Reserves
3. Productions Rate
4. Reserve Life

From the above, let’s see what kind of analysis you can come out with.

They say, ignorance is bliss. I left a similar note on DSAI’s blog & he has not replied yet. Maybe you could.


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