Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Malaysia Today: A voice for UiTM’s minority

My comments on MT's posting : A voice for UiTM’s minority

What is UiTM so afraid? Seriously? I thought God taught us through His countless prophets that men/women are all born equal?

Whatever the VC is claiming as 'hak' are just laws of this world. Are you saying the worldly laws are BETTER than what God teach us? Your ignorance just proven that your titles are not based on merit at all.

Smart fellow la these ding dongs namely GPMS, UiTM's MPP and whoever who was demonstrating last week. They call themselves Muslims but being fair and equal is out of the question. What nonsense!

That's why, I'm glad I chose not to go to any boarding school and made Kajang High School my alumni! Although we were bunch of naughty boys (very very naughty), we competed against each other with the same level playing field.

Pity la these students. Pure losers.

My stand still remains the same. If want to help poor people, let's define poor people by their income, family size etc. Not by race. So hard to do is it?

True enough, through education then only these poor people will help themselves. But when the assistance is abused for one particular race of people, where is the fairness and justice for the others?

I think one big portion that was left out of the Sejarah textbook is that 'God' had presented/entitled this Tanah Melayu/Malaya/Malaysia to Malays alone. I repeat, MALAYS ALONE!

Smart people we have eh, in our universities?

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can't seem to agree more! ;)