Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Exciting Yet Worrisome

Malaysia, a country which has just celebrated its 51st year of Independence from British and is about to celebrate its 45th year of establishment as a wholesome country which includes the additon of Sabah & Sarawak come this 16 September, is going through some kind of an exciting time ahead, though worrying at times.

I've got lots to comments on the various blogs that I frequent on with the recent development especially with the results of Permatang Pauh, Malaysia Today's censorship by the government, Datuk Ahmad Ismail arrogance remarks, the ever defensive Malay Muslim communities when the truth is spoken, and what have you.

To add more chaos to all these, we have the global scene that is ever willing to go unstable with the upcoming American Presidential Election, Russia vs Georgia, the mass demonstration in Thailand, high global oil price, shortage of food supplies and the continuous wars on so called 'terrorists' and many many more.

I for one would to see change in my beloved country! Change is very subjective from everbody's point of view. Yes, it can turn out to be negative change, but if we do not try, we'll never know. Change is just an evolution, a journey that any living things go through. No, I do not support nor agree with Darwinism at all but we grow up don't we? We mature as we age older. Sometimes stubborn too. But it's still a process we all ought to go through.

History has shown civilisations come and go. The almighty British Empire has shrunk up to their small home-land up north western of Europe. The Golden Age of Islam came and gone in a short time period though the impact is an everlasting one in various fields of studies. In short, they all go through 'growth' phases. Of course, we do not grow for the purpose of it to die.

So, let's work together for a better future. Status quo cannot stay. It's been too long and is no longer relevant today to the new generation of people we have in this beautiful country we call home. Whatever policies we have now are outdated, as much as how a leader overstayed his/her time.

Let's manage this together. To achieve the goal, we all must work. Wouldn't you?

I'll write more when time permits....

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