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Kassim Ahmad : Apakah Masalah UMNO Sekarang?

My comment on Kassim Ahmad's posting: Apakah Masalah UMNO Sekarang?

Dear Pak Kassim,

Your book - Universiti Kedua was one of the many books I grew up with and with a bit of influence of my late father, I learn a lot more about you esp. the way my old man used to defend your ideas. I've always respected a man who always tries to bring up the truth no matter how opposite it is against the norm or public opinion. The masses aren’t always right, isn’t it? Our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh was a good example esp. on how he started off.

In reference to your article on UMNO and after having read the Reluctant Politician, maybe the great ideas of Malaysia/Malaya dies off together with Tun Abd Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail. Their demise happened too early during Malaysia's infancy, where many of the things could have been changed if a proper philosophy was put into place.

Now, 50 years on after independence, things are so deeply rooted in the people and thus, 'politik wang' has become part of the norm. Yes, I strongly agree, a norm is a norm when it has been practised for so long although it is against the very thing we seem to believe in i.e. Islam.

The subsequent leaders that we had did not really focus on the philosophy of Malaysia but rather the development of tangible things i.e. economy, wealth, development.

What is missing and has not really been focused on is the development of the intangibles or better, at the holistic perspective. Things we don't see but is perpetuated through our behaviours. Maybe it is part of the Merdeka agreements between British & our leaders then that we shall not develop the minds of our people. Just maybe – this is purely my speculation but just maybe!

However, your point on reviewing our philosophy is so bloody spot on that I don’t think many people realise it. Those who realise are those who are powerless ones and can only exercise their power through elections which comes once in 4 – 5 years period. Unless, big time politicians and lawmakers read this piece/blog, nothing will change because apparently, they are too darn smart for this petty matters. Ada yang graduate from Oxford lagi tu. Still, reading, understanding and 'walk the talk' are entirely different thing all together. Cakap senang la. Do it first and tengok macam mane.

You made an interesting point of where non-Malays should be able to join into UMNO. If you are a true believer of Islam, this should have been thought of long time ago because you and I know that Islam does not discriminate colour and race. It was designed for all humanity and yet here we are in a position seen as such. I agree we help the poor, the undeveloped but don’t la focus on one race je, please widen the net.

People – as God puts it are the same. We all came from Nabi Adam. Are we so different from our Chinese or Indian or Penan brothers/sisters? Fair enough they are not Muslims but our treatment against them with our ‘smart’ policies demonstrates how ‘Islamic’ we are!
Look at Piagam Madinah when the Prophet was elected as the leader. I don’t recall history says he treated Jews unfairly or anybody of other religion unfairly and unjustly. Do enlighten me if I’m wrong.

Ni sibuk with Ketuanan Melayu and other bull’s shit. I don’t remember God sent down a Messenger and said, this land belongs to Malays or Mr A or UMNO for that matter. We fail to remember that Malays are – in its long history been mixes of colours and race. As if the Malays are holier than thou. Pandai sangat la tu and yet buat kerja pun tak pandai + malas.

To be able set things right, there’s a lot of work to be done. And it starts right at the core of things – the dasar, the principle, the philosophy. You start with the end in mind. I bet the rest will be just fine but as always when the design is perfect, it’s the implementation gets stuck or worst, it produces chaos.

Funny thing, this is so bloody synonymous with the Muslims. We’ve been given great Books (inclusive of all previous Books) but yet again, the devils apparently are too smart for the humans. Lust, greed, corrupt, tyranny, unjust, un fair. You name it and this where the greatest jihad of all is required – the war against your-stupid-self!

It’s time to act. Either via ruling coalition or the uprising opposition force. Whichever serves the people’s interest best and in a very righteous way that serves universal values (I said righteous way because majority of people’s interest could still be bad in the eyes of God), the people will vouch their support for it.

So, whichever party that is not ready, it’ll be diluted as time passes by – bye bye – the train is leaving.

No more racial cards. No more discrimination. Malaysia could be an example of God’s miracle!

Let’s do it the right way. I know for sure I’m doing all of these through my work. How about you people out there? What are you doing to make things right? Nobody says it’ll be easy but not impossible.

And I hope, the people who will be sent to the deepest of Hell in the hereafter are those who proclaim he/she fights Islam but action says otherwise. May God have mercy on him/her.

p.s. Can’t wait to get my hands on your new book – been waiting for it for quite some time

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