Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Malaysia Today: A little bit of Selangor history

My comment on MT's posting: A little bit of Selangor history

Dear People of Malaysia,

Fair enough we have been spoon fed with only 1 side of the history. However, this does not stop each one of you to study more history. The point is, you all are still the spoon-fed products that was produced in the first place. History such as what RPK wrote is an example that many of us are too lazy to read on more or research by yourself. All things want to be readied in front of their eyes and then swallow the facts given and then continuously blame the government for not doing enough.

The point is, our biggest problem, as usual is the inactions and too much complaints. Go la to internet/library/reliable sources and learn history. Read on la the likes to Ahmad Bustamam, Dr Burhanuddin Hj Helmi, Pak Sako, Chin Peng, Said Zahari and the likes.

I bet after government change to Pakatan Rakyat later pun, the same noise will be made again and again because the hardest thing to change is always and has always been YOUR-BLOODY-SELF.

Semua nak harap orang lain yang tukar but sendiri tak mau improve! Bodoh kan manusia ni? Sangatlah bengong! And worst, even other people tell you a grandfather story, the ignorant person that you are will believe it 100% as a history fact. I am not saying RPK is not writing the truth but, as an example, given an input, think, process and synthesize la the info first, before deciding true or otherwise.

Self leadership is one bloody thing we Malaysians failed miserably. Thus the current situation. It's too bloody easy to blame other people but yourself.

An ayat in Quran (not sure which ayat) : Nasib sesuatu kaum (I hope you interpret this all people and not any particular race) tidak akan bertukar selagi ia sendiri tidak bertukar.

So, do you want to start to act, people? Otherwise, sambung la your complaints tu. Sampai mati pun sama ja. Inaction and incapable bunch of people! Tau complaint je.

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