Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The People's Parliament : An open invitation to the chimps of Malay sovereignty

My comment on The People's Parliament posting : An open invitation to the chimps of Malay sovereignty

Dear Haris,

It's time to put this stupid debate on 'Ketuanan Melayu' or 'Malay Supremacy' shits to the grave.

It's time too to make this ignorant Melayu realise what Islam is all about. People who promote Malay Supremacy like these are the real reason why our Malaysia is not a better place to live in. Pure hypocrisy! I didn’t recall during Rasulullah's (PBUH) time in Medina that he sets a policy favouring a particular race/religion in Piagam Madinah. Kan?

Good to note that you realise this race supremacy word sounds much like how Zionism was founded! It makes them just alike! Fair & justice ape ni?

May you long put these matters to rest and rescue what Islam stands for really.

I’m bloody tired to hear anything about Persatuan/Gabungan Melayu etc. etc. etc.

Yeah, go debate with them and see how they argue sorry pathetic points.

Thank god I went to national school called Kajang High School. There we compete with the best and survive based on same level playing field. Am so proud of myself.

Next, what’s your take on Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBPs)? They are too Malay to my liking, not enough ‘real’ competition and lacks the mixture of Bangsa Malaysia. That’s why I decided against going to SBPs when I got the offer.

Oh, I’m Malay and will try his best not to send my kids to any boarding school. Only exception is if and only if the boarding school is multiracial!

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