Saturday, April 12, 2008

Malaysia Today : Running dog running scared

My commments on MT's posting : Running dog running scared

Ok now boys and girls.

You've heard it, seen it and know to what extend this ugly situation can turn into.

I call upon all responsible citizen of Malaysia to act. Act now. Talk only will not do any good. Blogging, well, to some extend may help but is still not good enough.

Engage... Talk... Reach out... to all your loved ones, family members, friends those that are close and afar... calm them down... ensure that whatever these selfish bastards' messages do not infiltrate their minds.

For those going back to your kampungs or hometown, please do the same.

Act what is within our power i.e. to talk to those close to you. That’s how people’s power work. I've done my part, how about you readers here?

Talking alone will not work. Act. Do it peacefully. We are all peaceful creatures. They can't scare us anymore. Act now!


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