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Screenshot: Blogging Live in Parliament

My comment on Screenshot's posting : Blogging Live in Parliment

Dear Jeff,

*warning, this is a long article*

Now we know what you and Tony Pua are looking into, may we know who's looking into transportation matters especially on public transportation from the Opposition side?

Taking KTM Komuter for instance, its service started way back in 1994/5 and thus with about 13/14 years of operation experience, its services have not improved much. Now with the oil price on the rise (which is out of our control), improvement on public transportation around Klang Valley especially must be a high priority to ease the burden of high oil price.

A good look at North-South Highway into KL everyday, you can easily see only a few cars where people car-pool together. The rest, all are driving alone in their cars. But we can hardly blame them as the coverage and services of our public transports are just bad. Very bad in fact – from my own personal experience!

My proposal on how to move forward with Public Transportation System:


Increase stress/pressure on service providers to improve their services as per their service level agreements (SLA) if any. If they don’t, pressure the CEO to step down and get somebody who can lead the company well and beyond expectation. Ke Malaysians are short of good CEOs? I don’t care you’re white ka, hijau ka, as long as you can work! We give the current service providers 90 days to come out with Business Turnaround Plan (if tak tahu go learn from Datuk Idris Jala) that are do-able and cut cost (while increase profit).

There’s too many cities you can start benchmarking on public transportation – closest Singapore or if we go a bit further, Hong Kong. Their transportation are integrated – busses, MRT/LRT all use the same ticket (now, let’s start this first one-company-rule-all before we talk about the bad things of monopoly) and more importantly RELIABLE and ON TIME!

All the people want is a comfortable travel to work for a productive day work. If I’m productive, so will be our nation’s economy. Have you esp. MPs try to take public transport? Try to take a Komuter & LRT from Kajang to KLCC at peak hours. It’s such a painful experience. I’ve tried for 3 years and gave up eventually. I’ll need to stand and hardly any spaces to breath. Macam sardine! It’s all about managing operations, but what’s so hard to improve it, right?

Developments to cover more towns within Klang Valley (long term plan should cover whole of Malaysia la, but short term let’s focus on Klang Valley first) is too slow at the moment. Let’s speed this up and get more people to use the public transport hence less dependency on oil (although power generated would still depend on oil but I bet mathematically, we’ll use less in totality if everyone uses public transport & minimise driving their own cars).

The current transportation system is too disconnected. If you look at London’s Tube, train, Light Railway & bus operations, they cover up to 9 different zones. Heathrow Airport for instance, is in Zone 6 and is very well connected to a LOT of destinations via tube, train and bus. Why can’t we have this? Not enough engineers and business developers are we?

Some people argue that public transportation business is not profitable, thus no money to be invested to improve the system. Then, how in the world companies in developed countries such as Japan, Australia, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more can afford to continuously improve and provide comfortable services to the people? Why? If we don’t know how to do it, why can’t we learn from this company? As easy as picking up the phone then meet these experts and learn from them, what is so bloody hard to do? But don’t lar learn things too slow! I’m sure Malaysians are up to the mark to do so in timely manner.

If you can’t find any fund to finance the developments, what would you do? Wait for Federal gov’t to give you some money? If that is the case, I’m sorry; you MPs are not worth it at all.

Haven’t anybody learn how to raise capital or invite investors from overseas? No, I’m not talking about Along! I mean, in pure business sense. IPOs, bonds, FDIs etc. I think people have to start really using their brains. Again, if you meet dead end, learn lar from bigger companies on how they do it – with full of integrity that is. No hanky panky please!

So, you see, transportation system is purely a hygienic matter. It has BIG impact on people. Imagine the productivity level when people come to work happily, full of energy and wanting to do more? Fuh, I bet Malaysia can be fully developed 1 year before 2020.

If PR or BN can’t do this, who else can we hope for? Why can’t you people in the Parliament focus on these matters that are very hygienic things that needs attention and provide to people rather than other juicy matters that you guys may be shouting across the benches in Parliament? I agree people are fickle and they’re the mob but as long as hygienic matter such as this is addressed, we’d all be happy and shall give credit to the responsible party.

I don’t like to leave comments only. If I complain/comment only, aiya, same la like other people – tahu cakap saja!. At least I’m trying to give out ideas on how to move forward. Focus on solution, not the problem! I can help as much as providing ideas here and hope it will be taken care of. After all, you guys are paid MPs and have a job to do. Please get it done.

By the way, you all should know I’m 26 years old and has about 4 years of working experience only. So, if the above suggestions are not good enough, I know I’m not good enough yet but I want to learn more so that I can do more for this country. And I’m Malay too with minimal ability to comprehend in English, so sorry la for the inappropriate vocab/grammar.

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