Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Malaysia Today : KL-Singapore bullet train halted at drawing board

My comment on MT's posting : KL-Singapore bullet train halted at drawing board

Okay people, I think this is a good opportunity to let YTL know that there are better places for them to invest their money & make money while serving the people.

For one, the current commuter, Monorail & Star/Putra needs to be revamped! I’ve travelled using KTM Komuter since 1995-6 and now it is 2008. So, KTM Komuter has a total of 12 – 13 years of operational experience in operating the business. However, till today, I bet 99.99% of the users of KTM Komuter are not happy with their services. Why you ask? Try la to take a train from Kajang to KL Sentral. See if standing up for 45 mins (if you’re lucky or it could be worst) with trains packed up like Sardine seems to be any kind of developed nation’s public transport. Then, queue up at KL Sentral to KLCC that needs a good 5 – 6 trains to pass by before you can hurl yourself into the LRT.

So, YTL, please take note. You can serve the people better to provide such facility rather than building a whole new railway lines. To benchmark our public transportations against those in developed nations, we are far far off. The closest we can learn from is Singapore’s public transport, NOT building a train from KL to Singapore! We know you got a lot of money, so spend la wisely!

Ours is definitely not integrated. Why can’t we be? Buying ticket pun different kind of tickets. Why can’t one be used for all. Don’t argue on the monopoly crap. So what if it helps to integrate the whole system. Please la, we have enough MBAs or PhDs locally or internationally to think of a better way to deliver a better integrated public transportation system.

And lastly, a special note to people who work in KTM Komuter (especially this line of transportation), Star/Putra LRT and Monorail. Can I ask something? Don’t you have any passion to serve the people better? If not, please look for other jobs and let people who has passion to work with public transportation do a better job. I can’t understand why, for instance, informing the Komuter is late or will be late, is such a hard to thing to do? Or keeping the Komuter to be reliably on time all times! In Melbourne, if the trams do not arrive on time for less than 95% times in a month, they will lower the fare. Maybe KTM should do the same.

Performance of your day to day work matter to the people who travels every day! Please do your best, we need a better & improved public transportation system!

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