Saturday, March 22, 2008

Malaysia Today : The Ugly Malaysian

My commments on MT's posting : The Ugly Malaysian.

Macam ni lah. Since PKR, DAP & PAS are more determined to fight things for themselves rather than the betterment of us, the Rakyat, I'd like to suggest that RPK or any calibre person to lead us. Lead us to the promised land! Lead us to the promised land called Malaysia where we are one bangsa, one people but rich in diversity, in different cultures and colours!

It's a fucking sad case when the very people the Rakyat voted in are the same narrow-minded and short-sighted scumbags as previous ADUNs/MPs. Really is. Pathetic! No difference! Different people, same heart and mind!

How many times must the Rakyat show that it is the Rakyat Power that decides their appointment to state/parlimetary offices. So, RPK's title should be rightly so be Ugly Malaysian Politicians (all inclusive - BN, DAP, PKR, PAS semua lah!). All bodoh sombong! Fine, do it your way, we’ll do our way next GE.

So, that's the problem - enough said. Now, let's figure out the probable and potential solutions (a cynical poke to the Rakyat - we all love to complaint and complaint. Cuba la suggests some potential solutions. Give some credible solutions la sikit, logical and do-able. Do la something in your power to change things. Tau complain je, tak jauh de pergi).

Here we go! My suggestion is, if all these useless political parties play the same old music we all knew for the past 50 years; let’s create a new party that is real reflective of the Rakyat and never play up all these stupid racial/communal cards as they please. A party that is truly professional in every sense of the word (though this maybe too ideal).

RPK, we beg, that if you can, lead us to the Promised Land! I think you know the masses are behind you (but if you are the same as the rest, we’ll whack your ass too!)

Or whoever that sees himself / herself fit to lead the Rakyat to the righteous path.

We all beg. We all plead!

Please come forward the real Malaysian. The real Malaysian, please stand up, please stand up and step forward to lead us. We all beg and plead.

Lead us righteously. Lead us blindly when it comes to different colours and cultures. Be open-minded. Be far sighted.

Lead us!
Lead us!
Lead us!

Lead us to the righteous path!

So, BN ke, PAS ke, DAP ke PKR ke – beware you guys! We know exactly what to do 4 -5 years time.

p.s. Apologies for word ‘fucking’ used above. It’s just to communicate anger and frustration.

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