Sunday, March 16, 2008

Screenshot: Utusan and Bernama

My comments to Screenshot's posting titled : Utusan and Bernama

Now that the people has voted you into the office along with fellow colleagues in PKR & PAS, please kindly be super-extra careful with press releases/conference etc.

You all know what's going to happen once the hungry govt-controlled medias would do if they can play up even 1 particular word.

So, please go through your press statements again and again, and ensure that the currrent Opposition would not have a chance to shoot back at you. Be flawless.

If needs be, go train up or develop yourselves in handling the media esp in giving out press statements/releases.

Another thing to watch is the attitude of the party members or state officers. Smile a lot. Win over the people with charm. Handle tough questions with humility and respect. All the things you'd want to see when a leader gives press statement.

I know it's not easy as it seems. But these are crucial moments when you do not want your Opposition to take a snipe at petty litte things especially when it quoted out of your press releases/interviews etc.

So, I hope this makes sense to all new MBs/CMs and state officers.

As in big organisation, people are the most important asset. So, develop the people well and with the will of God, things will just get better!

Again Jeff, the people has voted you and your colleagues in. Your duty are towards the people. Take good care of them. Always remember where we all came from. Never lose the sight of the people.

"Brother....what we do in life.... echoes in eternity" - The Gladiator.

My best wishes to you and your colleagues.

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