Sunday, March 16, 2008

Malaysia Today : Raja Petra must learn how to get facts right

My comments on MT's posting : Raja Petra must learn how to get facts right

This is where the onus is on the readers to make or not to make the judgement. This where it is fundamentally important that we have all of the information before taking any actions. As far as RPK is concerned, he wrote on something but it is up to the readers to analyse and make sound judgement of it. Yes RPK is responsible for what he writes but you, the reader, is equally responsible in making the judgement. Just because RPK sells the story does not mean you buy it blindly.

So, please read things with an open mind. Listen to all sides of stories. Truth will eventually come out. Be patient. Making quick conclusion is very dangerous. If you believe what is written here 'bulat-bulat', then no point of having alternative source of information.

So, to all readers of any kind of news sources. Please exercise your brains people! Analyse and do some critical thinking. Tak paham ask questions. Don’t be bodoh sombong. Don't la judge or conclude too quick on unfounded basis.

If not, go makan rumput like the cows coz they don't have to think. We all have some responsibilities to some extend, even in delivering our comments here.

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