Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Dog : Petronas is the best example of Malay corporate success

My comments on Big Dog's blog : PETRONAS is the best example of Malay corporate success

I just don't understand why the need to mention Malay in the whole equation especially when Big Dog blindly say that PETRONAS is the best example of Malay corporate success.

I'm not sure if Big Dog is aware of the team that PETRONAS CEO assemble to manage the company comprises of diverse background. If the CEO leads a diverse group of people globaly to achieve the wonderful results as recently announced, how can it claims to be Malay corporate success? All have contributed to the success. PETRONAS CEO's humility would testify to that.

I think most people have failed to learn and appreciate the meaningful adverts PETRONAS produce year in year out. One good example was the Merdeka Advert in 1996 most people ask why did PETRONAS use Indian boy while only handful few see that person as Malaysian. Go watch the adverts if you don't get it. If tak faham gak, go mandi bunga and zikir byk2 to clean the dirt in your heart.

The reason why PETRONAS is so successful is because regardless of its employees' skin colour or beliefs, they share a common value among themselves and that drives them on. Go google up PETRONAS shared values.

And more importantly, if you READ properly in great depth of the media statement on PETRONAS' performance, a big chunk of its revenue are coming from international operations. That means, people from different nationalities are contributing to the success of PETRONAS as well.

In any great top company in the world that aims to be a global champion, it must go beyond its shores and work together with diverse talents. Then only, each can leverage on each others' strength and achieve greater heights.

So, please don't spoil the wonderful recipe that makes PETRONAS great in the first place. If you read Tan Sri Azizan's Quintessential Man, you'll understand more too. Please look at this beyond race, beyond colour, beyond religion. Race, colour, religion are just forms. We must see the substance over form! and that substance is the shared values that PETRONAS has and its universally accepted by its employees.

Lastly, before you whack me for being anti Malay, I am Malay myself and am proud of PETRONAS' success from its diverse group of wonderful people.

Also, when I die, I'm sure God will not ask what race I am actually but rather He'll ask what good/bad deed I've done. Multi races - mutli colour, after all, is God's creation and we should embrace each other rather than put ourselves in silo clusters e.g Malay. I am just a human being of God's creation.

Enough of this racial cards! Stop it.

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