Sunday, January 25, 2009

Analyst At Large: Media Statement - Petronas and the IPPS must help reduce power tariffs

Dear Mr Teh Chi-Chang,

I believe are there things that you've mentioned here that needs to be re-examined further since you are after all the Advisor to DAP Sec-Gen and that holds some credibility issue.

It's funny when TNB is the one who's having accounting losses & outgoing cashflow as you mentioned, others are required to assist. Wouldn't improving TNB itself first is required? It's always easy to look at external matters while the internal improvement should be of higher priority. 

Most of the arguments you've made is directed to the IPPs while not much has been said on PETRONAS itself, but your media statement has been made to address both PETRONAS and IPPs. If you want to target IPPs, then just state IPPs. Unless, you're just another politician playing cheap populist trick to get the crowd going but when they realise your cheap tricks, you'll lose your crowd immediately.

You've said yourself that power prices should reflect the cost of production. I totally agree with this. Wouldn't then paying the feed stock ie the gas feed at market price is also reflecting the actual cost of production? No? Perhaps you should study this a bit more in details.

We, Malaysians are one bunch of people who have been enjoying subsidies far too long. It is far too much to a point where even when the raw materials are expensive, we continue to cry for more and more subsidies! Don't go with your argument that gas is locally produced thus should be subjected to a cheaper price! You'll only further dent your credibility.

We never care to ask, why are the raw materials' prices sky rocket high in the world market. The subsidised mentality somehow has blocked the ability to think anymore. 

Asking for gas prices to be as low as you can only solve the problem in a short term basis. I don't think the calibre of an Advisor would look things at a very short term basis, would you? How would you then solve issues of wastage and the behaviour & mindset that the commodities would be there forever? 

Furthermore, you must be kidding when you are asking PETRONAS to contribute to national interest! In case you not been keeping things on your toes, PETRONAS contributes circa 40% to national coffers and you want to further depend on only one source of income? You've got to be kidding me.

I expect more and better if DAP is to be part of a coalition that would govern the Federal government. This is certainly below par and not well thought. Stop cheap media statements if you want to be taken seriously. Do what is right and never go for cheap tricks. Then, surely you'll have the backing of the Rakyat.

Happy Chinese New Year...


Dr. K.C. Ng said...

Nice blog. Came here from your facebook link. Do you remember projek Sejarah UKM haha when we illegally explored UKM.

adi said...

KC, oh i certainly dooooooo.... Fun stuff! We transpass every area that is to be covered!