Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rocky's Bru: Happy New Year from the boss of "a Malaysian company"

My comments on Rocky's Bru's blog : Happy New Year from the boss of "a Malaysian company"

As usual, Malaysians (read that as Y O U who've read this and probably commented on this), like to talk only i.e. comments & million more of comments but at the end do or contribute nothing to make Malaysia a better place. Biasa la kan? Cakap semua pandai la - buat benda, jangan harap la. Betul kan?

I think many of you have missed the important points raised by Tony Fernandes on the need to be brave & courageous and work together in making the nation we all call Malaysia a better place. Rocky pointed out again on this. Of course, there are some of you who picked up this point but as usual the whining continues like a mule.

So, I hope people will just whine less and DO more. Perhaps a good example here is to learn Tony’s way of doing things. How he has achieved what he had so far. I know many will disagree with this but as usual your negative thinking is doing its work now rather than looking “What can I learn from this?”

Put away all your petty curious questions and take the positive parts which shall benefit yourself/people the most. If you want to pick up all the small small items and turn them into biggie issues, then you’re nothing different from the poor politicians who sits in the Parliament!

JFK once said “ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country”. It starts with Y O U. Of course, we may not achieve what we want now but at least the fight for it and the journey still continues. That is the true measure of a Man. But if we stop here and whine as everyone else, then whatever dream we have for Malaysia shall die as soon as you give up.

So, let’s act now. Let’s do something beneficial for everybody! Pick your forte that you love to do and harness on this strength for a better Malaysia! That’s how and what you should be doing… not whining!

If the negativity of your mind still exists, then rest assured, Malaysia will be doomed because of people like Y O U, not the politician, not the PM, not whoever you want to blame… and forget about being a developed nation etc. because your mind is simply not developed yet. Period. If this is the case, please go ‘berhijrah’, be it literally, mentally, spiritually or whatever so that Malaysia will be better without the “OLD” you (subject you dah berhijrah la).

Happy Maal Hijrah & Happy New Year…

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