Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Social Media

It has come to my attention for me to be more careful what I say or do in the virtual world. After all, I cannot deny the connection between these two and how it can impact each other.

As such, I've vowed to be more careful in the sense that I share my point of view only with people who are matured enough to understand and reasons behind such opinions. After all, the disclaimer I have clearly says - my opinions are my opinions. If I am to be executed for such views, prosecute me alone. Not the family members I love or the company I sweat day in day out because I care for it.

I understand and fully acknowledge the fact that there are people out there who are just plain incapable to understand why we raise certain issues - rightly or wrongly. I know that I am not right always. I also I know I am not wrong always. I've always stand by the fact that we agree to disagree. You're free to disagree with me or you're free to agree with me and vice-versa.

For now, it looks like Twitter & Google+ seems to be a safer place. Sorry Facebook.

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