Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Umat Islam perlu nilai diri sendiri

I was just Google-ing around and stumble upon this particular page. As I read it, I cannot recall if I had written this at all.

Anyway, I thought it is a good reminder since there's so much issues in regards to Islam and Muslims after MP of Lembah Pantai said what she said last week. Oh well. Here's the link for your reading pleasure and I cannot for certain be sure if the writer is me at all :

p.s. It's been a while since the last time I put up an entry. Maybe once I have settled down properly with less traveling, I can probably write again. I hope.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Social Media

It has come to my attention for me to be more careful what I say or do in the virtual world. After all, I cannot deny the connection between these two and how it can impact each other.

As such, I've vowed to be more careful in the sense that I share my point of view only with people who are matured enough to understand and reasons behind such opinions. After all, the disclaimer I have clearly says - my opinions are my opinions. If I am to be executed for such views, prosecute me alone. Not the family members I love or the company I sweat day in day out because I care for it.

I understand and fully acknowledge the fact that there are people out there who are just plain incapable to understand why we raise certain issues - rightly or wrongly. I know that I am not right always. I also I know I am not wrong always. I've always stand by the fact that we agree to disagree. You're free to disagree with me or you're free to agree with me and vice-versa.

For now, it looks like Twitter & Google+ seems to be a safer place. Sorry Facebook.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Utusan Malaysia

"..saya bimbang isu yang dimainkan oleh UM tentang Kristian ingin menjadi agama rasmi..jika ia hanya mainan politik akan menyebabkan berlakunya permusuhan antara agama tanpa sebab yang sah..jika benar ia perlu disiasat..cara ia dilaporkan boleh mencetuskan kekacauan dlm negara..apatah lagi dgn kewujudan badan spt Perkasa dan Pembela.."
-Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin
09 May at 16:49 @ Facebook

My comment to him on this was :

Entah mana salahnya. Masyarakat kita sentiasa risau dgn pergerakan org lain padahal pada diri sendiri jarang dicermin. Tak pernah hendak dilihat diri ini apa yg kurangnya? Semua salah org. Org lain maju, kita sibuk nak menghukum org lain maju. Tidak pernak hendak memajukan diri sendiri supaya lebih bagus dari masa dahulu. Sambut maal hijrah saban tahun, tapi di jiwa masih di kekang lama. Adakah ini umat yg kita bina?

Kita ada tanggungjawab masing2 sebagai fardu kifayyah untuk membetulkan keadaan, bermula dgn diri sendiri. Byk yg telah komen di sini, maka diharapkan dpt la mendidik diri, keluarga & masyarakat setempat tak mengira agama dengan informasi yg benar di sisi Islam.

Sesungguhnya, ini semua bakal dibicara kelak - kebenaran & keadilan. Kita hanya perlu takut pada Allah. Persoalannya, jika kita di jalan yg benar, kenapa takut benar dgn org lain? Rasulullah hanya seorang apabila diturunkan wahyu kepadanya. Adakah beliau takut dgn org lain? Atau beliau hanya takut pada Allah swt? Nabi Musa juga sama. Kalau takut dgn org lain (kalau betullah terjadinya apa yg dilaporkan), apa yg ditakuti sangat jika hati ini percaya pada yg benar, yang Haq?

That was the end of my comment on his Facebook.

Not sure if he had read it but I do certainly hope that people realise, if they are on the right side, what are they so afraid of other people who have different beliefs to us? I have lived in Australia and travelled to other countries. I do not feel discriminated or scared at all in those countries in which the majority of them are non-Muslim. What's wrong with our people who is the majority in the country and yet scared with this matter?

By right, even if the whole world is against you - you should be able to steadfast in your belief right? Apa mau takut?

Only a person with little or no faith in God would feel such a way... Podah!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Dog : Petronas is the best example of Malay corporate success

My comments on Big Dog's blog : PETRONAS is the best example of Malay corporate success

I just don't understand why the need to mention Malay in the whole equation especially when Big Dog blindly say that PETRONAS is the best example of Malay corporate success.

I'm not sure if Big Dog is aware of the team that PETRONAS CEO assemble to manage the company comprises of diverse background. If the CEO leads a diverse group of people globaly to achieve the wonderful results as recently announced, how can it claims to be Malay corporate success? All have contributed to the success. PETRONAS CEO's humility would testify to that.

I think most people have failed to learn and appreciate the meaningful adverts PETRONAS produce year in year out. One good example was the Merdeka Advert in 1996 most people ask why did PETRONAS use Indian boy while only handful few see that person as Malaysian. Go watch the adverts if you don't get it. If tak faham gak, go mandi bunga and zikir byk2 to clean the dirt in your heart.

The reason why PETRONAS is so successful is because regardless of its employees' skin colour or beliefs, they share a common value among themselves and that drives them on. Go google up PETRONAS shared values.

And more importantly, if you READ properly in great depth of the media statement on PETRONAS' performance, a big chunk of its revenue are coming from international operations. That means, people from different nationalities are contributing to the success of PETRONAS as well.

In any great top company in the world that aims to be a global champion, it must go beyond its shores and work together with diverse talents. Then only, each can leverage on each others' strength and achieve greater heights.

So, please don't spoil the wonderful recipe that makes PETRONAS great in the first place. If you read Tan Sri Azizan's Quintessential Man, you'll understand more too. Please look at this beyond race, beyond colour, beyond religion. Race, colour, religion are just forms. We must see the substance over form! and that substance is the shared values that PETRONAS has and its universally accepted by its employees.

Lastly, before you whack me for being anti Malay, I am Malay myself and am proud of PETRONAS' success from its diverse group of wonderful people.

Also, when I die, I'm sure God will not ask what race I am actually but rather He'll ask what good/bad deed I've done. Multi races - mutli colour, after all, is God's creation and we should embrace each other rather than put ourselves in silo clusters e.g Malay. I am just a human being of God's creation.

Enough of this racial cards! Stop it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Analyst At Large: Media Statement - Petronas and the IPPS must help reduce power tariffs

Dear Mr Teh Chi-Chang,

I believe are there things that you've mentioned here that needs to be re-examined further since you are after all the Advisor to DAP Sec-Gen and that holds some credibility issue.

It's funny when TNB is the one who's having accounting losses & outgoing cashflow as you mentioned, others are required to assist. Wouldn't improving TNB itself first is required? It's always easy to look at external matters while the internal improvement should be of higher priority. 

Most of the arguments you've made is directed to the IPPs while not much has been said on PETRONAS itself, but your media statement has been made to address both PETRONAS and IPPs. If you want to target IPPs, then just state IPPs. Unless, you're just another politician playing cheap populist trick to get the crowd going but when they realise your cheap tricks, you'll lose your crowd immediately.

You've said yourself that power prices should reflect the cost of production. I totally agree with this. Wouldn't then paying the feed stock ie the gas feed at market price is also reflecting the actual cost of production? No? Perhaps you should study this a bit more in details.

We, Malaysians are one bunch of people who have been enjoying subsidies far too long. It is far too much to a point where even when the raw materials are expensive, we continue to cry for more and more subsidies! Don't go with your argument that gas is locally produced thus should be subjected to a cheaper price! You'll only further dent your credibility.

We never care to ask, why are the raw materials' prices sky rocket high in the world market. The subsidised mentality somehow has blocked the ability to think anymore. 

Asking for gas prices to be as low as you can only solve the problem in a short term basis. I don't think the calibre of an Advisor would look things at a very short term basis, would you? How would you then solve issues of wastage and the behaviour & mindset that the commodities would be there forever? 

Furthermore, you must be kidding when you are asking PETRONAS to contribute to national interest! In case you not been keeping things on your toes, PETRONAS contributes circa 40% to national coffers and you want to further depend on only one source of income? You've got to be kidding me.

I expect more and better if DAP is to be part of a coalition that would govern the Federal government. This is certainly below par and not well thought. Stop cheap media statements if you want to be taken seriously. Do what is right and never go for cheap tricks. Then, surely you'll have the backing of the Rakyat.

Happy Chinese New Year...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rocky's Bru: Happy New Year from the boss of "a Malaysian company"

My comments on Rocky's Bru's blog : Happy New Year from the boss of "a Malaysian company"

As usual, Malaysians (read that as Y O U who've read this and probably commented on this), like to talk only i.e. comments & million more of comments but at the end do or contribute nothing to make Malaysia a better place. Biasa la kan? Cakap semua pandai la - buat benda, jangan harap la. Betul kan?

I think many of you have missed the important points raised by Tony Fernandes on the need to be brave & courageous and work together in making the nation we all call Malaysia a better place. Rocky pointed out again on this. Of course, there are some of you who picked up this point but as usual the whining continues like a mule.

So, I hope people will just whine less and DO more. Perhaps a good example here is to learn Tony’s way of doing things. How he has achieved what he had so far. I know many will disagree with this but as usual your negative thinking is doing its work now rather than looking “What can I learn from this?”

Put away all your petty curious questions and take the positive parts which shall benefit yourself/people the most. If you want to pick up all the small small items and turn them into biggie issues, then you’re nothing different from the poor politicians who sits in the Parliament!

JFK once said “ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country”. It starts with Y O U. Of course, we may not achieve what we want now but at least the fight for it and the journey still continues. That is the true measure of a Man. But if we stop here and whine as everyone else, then whatever dream we have for Malaysia shall die as soon as you give up.

So, let’s act now. Let’s do something beneficial for everybody! Pick your forte that you love to do and harness on this strength for a better Malaysia! That’s how and what you should be doing… not whining!

If the negativity of your mind still exists, then rest assured, Malaysia will be doomed because of people like Y O U, not the politician, not the PM, not whoever you want to blame… and forget about being a developed nation etc. because your mind is simply not developed yet. Period. If this is the case, please go ‘berhijrah’, be it literally, mentally, spiritually or whatever so that Malaysia will be better without the “OLD” you (subject you dah berhijrah la).

Happy Maal Hijrah & Happy New Year…

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Define Myself : Victory Dinner / Malam Kemenangan Rakyat Pulau Pinang

My comments on I Define Myself's blog : Victory Dinner / Malam Kemenangan Rakyat Pulau Pinang

It's an interesting point that the Penang's CM would make such remarks in asking PETRONAS to pay for almost if not all the burden that people face in Malaysia while the people (yes, the people like you and me) would not need to change their mindset, behaviour and attitude to face such troubled times ahead? Some economy experts are saying the upcoming turmoil would be worse than the World Recession in 1930s. So, you, the people, what you gonna do about it? Pray that others will help you? Can’t you help or work out things yourself anymore? If you are like that, then you are all what I call people with Subsidized Mentality!

God had already promised the people long time ago there'll be 7 good years and then 7 bad years, and then it’ll go in cycles. What have the people done so far to prepare for the bad years? Isn't it enough the fact that the National Oil Company forks out almost 65% of its profit into national's coffers?

So, the problem here lies between the state and federal government! It's too bloody easy for the CM to pinpoint to PETRONAS and politise the whole thing, making PETRONAS as the scapegoat as always when the truth is, his influencing capability clearly is lacking when it comes to persuade the fed gov't for more $$$. When that fails miserably, he attacks PETRONAS! Woohoo, easy job! This poor guy seem can’t think outside the box to attract more money for the state and then help the poor in return.

What a poor mindset of the CM. Blame everybody else except he & himself. Never want to look into himself on what else he can do other than barking at others. Worst still, barking at the wrong tree! I guess, being a politician, that’s how life is eh? When everything else fail, go blame other people rather than working out the appropriate solution professionally!

Another thing I would like to point out about helping the poor. You see, money is bloody too easy to be manipulated even in so-called charities such as helping out poverties! Haven’t we learned anything about this proverb?

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."
- Chinese Proverb

What these ignorant politicians (I’m referring to both side of the fences, including those sitting on the fence too!) need to learn is to focus more in education. Educate the people more. Not give away (more like throw away) to them with more and more money. Money is a lustful tool. It’ll never be enough. Ask any ordinary man, what amount will satisfy him/her? RM 1? RM 100? RM 1,000,000? No amount will satisfy! But, if we teach them how to make money (the right way of course), then forever the money will come into them! Well, I guess, money is the easy way out to catch out votes which is plainly short term gain while education is too slow for them to gain votes because the impact can only be felt in the long run! Too bloody selfish politicians…

On the 7 good years and 7 bad years, go on and read what Yusuff (pbuh) did in Egypt back then! Only in my opinion, the figure 7 is in God's timing and not exactly 7 years of our time. Now, shoosh, go and enrich yourself further…

p.s. I’m not sure if the CM was the one who used the word Revenue or the blogger typed the word Revenue here! If the latter, ok la a typo or lack of understanding of what revenue means. If the former, sad o sad! Again it shows how shallow & incompetent these Malaysian leaders are. Can’t talk business sense. Don’t la talk about revenue only because in any business there’s always expenditures to the business! Never gone into business is it? Poor Penang people then, having to live with such a leader. Or I must say, poor advisors to the CM?

Now I wonder how they selected him as the CM! What criteria being used? Or is it being the son of the party’s top man is enough to secure him the job or he has other credibility that would prove his past track records? So, any proof of CAT here?

I’m not whacking just the Penang gov’t. This message goes to both sides of the fences too!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Exciting Yet Worrisome

Malaysia, a country which has just celebrated its 51st year of Independence from British and is about to celebrate its 45th year of establishment as a wholesome country which includes the additon of Sabah & Sarawak come this 16 September, is going through some kind of an exciting time ahead, though worrying at times.

I've got lots to comments on the various blogs that I frequent on with the recent development especially with the results of Permatang Pauh, Malaysia Today's censorship by the government, Datuk Ahmad Ismail arrogance remarks, the ever defensive Malay Muslim communities when the truth is spoken, and what have you.

To add more chaos to all these, we have the global scene that is ever willing to go unstable with the upcoming American Presidential Election, Russia vs Georgia, the mass demonstration in Thailand, high global oil price, shortage of food supplies and the continuous wars on so called 'terrorists' and many many more.

I for one would to see change in my beloved country! Change is very subjective from everbody's point of view. Yes, it can turn out to be negative change, but if we do not try, we'll never know. Change is just an evolution, a journey that any living things go through. No, I do not support nor agree with Darwinism at all but we grow up don't we? We mature as we age older. Sometimes stubborn too. But it's still a process we all ought to go through.

History has shown civilisations come and go. The almighty British Empire has shrunk up to their small home-land up north western of Europe. The Golden Age of Islam came and gone in a short time period though the impact is an everlasting one in various fields of studies. In short, they all go through 'growth' phases. Of course, we do not grow for the purpose of it to die.

So, let's work together for a better future. Status quo cannot stay. It's been too long and is no longer relevant today to the new generation of people we have in this beautiful country we call home. Whatever policies we have now are outdated, as much as how a leader overstayed his/her time.

Let's manage this together. To achieve the goal, we all must work. Wouldn't you?

I'll write more when time permits....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Malaysia Today: A voice for UiTM’s minority

My comments on MT's posting : A voice for UiTM’s minority

What is UiTM so afraid? Seriously? I thought God taught us through His countless prophets that men/women are all born equal?

Whatever the VC is claiming as 'hak' are just laws of this world. Are you saying the worldly laws are BETTER than what God teach us? Your ignorance just proven that your titles are not based on merit at all.

Smart fellow la these ding dongs namely GPMS, UiTM's MPP and whoever who was demonstrating last week. They call themselves Muslims but being fair and equal is out of the question. What nonsense!

That's why, I'm glad I chose not to go to any boarding school and made Kajang High School my alumni! Although we were bunch of naughty boys (very very naughty), we competed against each other with the same level playing field.

Pity la these students. Pure losers.

My stand still remains the same. If want to help poor people, let's define poor people by their income, family size etc. Not by race. So hard to do is it?

True enough, through education then only these poor people will help themselves. But when the assistance is abused for one particular race of people, where is the fairness and justice for the others?

I think one big portion that was left out of the Sejarah textbook is that 'God' had presented/entitled this Tanah Melayu/Malaya/Malaysia to Malays alone. I repeat, MALAYS ALONE!

Smart people we have eh, in our universities?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life's Happenings: Is Malaysia's Fuel Price Cheaper?

My comment to Life's Happenings' posting: Is Malaysia's Fuel Price Cheaper?

Dear Johnny,

I found your website while reading RPK's latest article titled "You Eliminate The Plague By Killing The Rats".

True enough, whenever there's a fuel hike, our government will always compare the prices against our neighbours which is down right stupid. I say it is stupid because comparison of one item is not a fair assessment of the overall picture. It just shows the government's lack of credibility in putting the right message to the people.

At the same time, I'm quite not happy when a person chooses to say something which is not a whole picture as well. Your comparison of petrol price and the connotation of Malaysia as a net oil exporter is one such analysis i.e. incomplete!

Now that you've researched on the petrol price, have you looked on the bigger picture of the oil and gas industry?

I'd like you to compare each of the countries that you have listed above, on the following items:
1. Population
2. Oil Reserves
3. Productions Rate
4. Reserve Life

From the above, let’s see what kind of analysis you can come out with.

They say, ignorance is bliss. I left a similar note on DSAI’s blog & he has not replied yet. Maybe you could.


Friday, June 13, 2008

DSAI : Respon Kepada Pengunjung

My comments on DSAI's posting : Respon Kepada Pengunjung

Dear YBhg Datuk Seri Anwar,

Perbezaan setakat menyentuh yang Malaysia negara pengeluar, pada pendapat saya adalah analisis yang tidak sempurna dan kata-kata ahli politik yang sudah biasa didengari. Sudahkah Ybhg DSAI mencari ‘volume’ pengeluaran di Malaysia berbanding di negara negara pengeluar yang lain. Jikalau belum, harap YBhg DSAI tidak sekadar menjadi polikus populist, tetapi yang benar benar memperjuangkan kebenaraan yang Haq. Diharap perbicaraan atau kenyataan YBhg DSAI adalah atas fakta -fakta yang benar, bukan yang separuh masak sepertimana perbezaan dan analisis yang cetek yang telah dipersembahkan di lawan blog DSAI.

Ya, kami sudah celik mata, terhadap semua tipu helah. Mungkin rakyat yang membuta tuli akan percaya sebulat suara perbicaraan DSAI kerana ia satu pegangan ‘populist’ buat masa ini, tetapi buat kami yang dapat berfikir secara kritikal terhadap sesuatu informasi, apa yang dikemukakan tidak memenuhi citarasa rakyat yang berpendidikan.

Harap maklum.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Screenshot: 15 ways to cutting fuel expenses... and then some

My comment on Screenshot's posting: 15 ways to cutting fuel expenses... and then some

Dear Jeff,

Given the fact that you're a learned MP, I hope you'll press for quick resolution our public transportation which is in the states of shambles. If it’s not you (since you’re busy with technology matters), let somebody champion it. Ministry of Transportation is like a big kayu doing nothing at the moment. If they do, do inform us but no news means nothing!

For me, I can understand the global market forces that bring about the petrol price that we have today though government’s strategy of implementing it sucks to the highest order.

But what I can't understand is why NO (BIG N & O) MPs (be it from BN or PR) are fighting for a better public transportation system. Suddenly nobody is fighting for the rakyat, no?

Now that we've save A HELL LOT of money from petrol subsidies, why not somebody or anybody in the parliament (I don’t bloody care if you’re opposition or with the ruling coalition) WORK on the public transportation to improve it.

I understand that constructing the system and infrastructure will take donkey years, but the more you delay this, the longer we are going to enjoy excellent public transportation. So, please do whatever you need to do so that we move on and develop as a better nation. Come out with whatever Suruhanjaya or whatever crap you call it, JUST GET IT DONE!

I hope you’re not one of those MPs that just talk but not much is done because most of the time spent talking to people (which in Parliament it apparently shows. It’s like an executive who are busy in meetings but get minimal time to do the actual work.

Harping on the issue can only do so much. There are 1001 issues that are disturbing us. This is where Y-O-U PRIORITISE your issues and FOCUS on it. Know what your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE is.

With better public transportation, by then only we all can reduce our reliance on our own car i.e usage of petrol.

p.s. Sorry to sound so Bossy, but you’re elected by the people for the people.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kassim Ahmad : Apakah Masalah UMNO Sekarang?

My comment on Kassim Ahmad's posting: Apakah Masalah UMNO Sekarang?

Dear Pak Kassim,

Your book - Universiti Kedua was one of the many books I grew up with and with a bit of influence of my late father, I learn a lot more about you esp. the way my old man used to defend your ideas. I've always respected a man who always tries to bring up the truth no matter how opposite it is against the norm or public opinion. The masses aren’t always right, isn’t it? Our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh was a good example esp. on how he started off.

In reference to your article on UMNO and after having read the Reluctant Politician, maybe the great ideas of Malaysia/Malaya dies off together with Tun Abd Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail. Their demise happened too early during Malaysia's infancy, where many of the things could have been changed if a proper philosophy was put into place.

Now, 50 years on after independence, things are so deeply rooted in the people and thus, 'politik wang' has become part of the norm. Yes, I strongly agree, a norm is a norm when it has been practised for so long although it is against the very thing we seem to believe in i.e. Islam.

The subsequent leaders that we had did not really focus on the philosophy of Malaysia but rather the development of tangible things i.e. economy, wealth, development.

What is missing and has not really been focused on is the development of the intangibles or better, at the holistic perspective. Things we don't see but is perpetuated through our behaviours. Maybe it is part of the Merdeka agreements between British & our leaders then that we shall not develop the minds of our people. Just maybe – this is purely my speculation but just maybe!

However, your point on reviewing our philosophy is so bloody spot on that I don’t think many people realise it. Those who realise are those who are powerless ones and can only exercise their power through elections which comes once in 4 – 5 years period. Unless, big time politicians and lawmakers read this piece/blog, nothing will change because apparently, they are too darn smart for this petty matters. Ada yang graduate from Oxford lagi tu. Still, reading, understanding and 'walk the talk' are entirely different thing all together. Cakap senang la. Do it first and tengok macam mane.

You made an interesting point of where non-Malays should be able to join into UMNO. If you are a true believer of Islam, this should have been thought of long time ago because you and I know that Islam does not discriminate colour and race. It was designed for all humanity and yet here we are in a position seen as such. I agree we help the poor, the undeveloped but don’t la focus on one race je, please widen the net.

People – as God puts it are the same. We all came from Nabi Adam. Are we so different from our Chinese or Indian or Penan brothers/sisters? Fair enough they are not Muslims but our treatment against them with our ‘smart’ policies demonstrates how ‘Islamic’ we are!
Look at Piagam Madinah when the Prophet was elected as the leader. I don’t recall history says he treated Jews unfairly or anybody of other religion unfairly and unjustly. Do enlighten me if I’m wrong.

Ni sibuk with Ketuanan Melayu and other bull’s shit. I don’t remember God sent down a Messenger and said, this land belongs to Malays or Mr A or UMNO for that matter. We fail to remember that Malays are – in its long history been mixes of colours and race. As if the Malays are holier than thou. Pandai sangat la tu and yet buat kerja pun tak pandai + malas.

To be able set things right, there’s a lot of work to be done. And it starts right at the core of things – the dasar, the principle, the philosophy. You start with the end in mind. I bet the rest will be just fine but as always when the design is perfect, it’s the implementation gets stuck or worst, it produces chaos.

Funny thing, this is so bloody synonymous with the Muslims. We’ve been given great Books (inclusive of all previous Books) but yet again, the devils apparently are too smart for the humans. Lust, greed, corrupt, tyranny, unjust, un fair. You name it and this where the greatest jihad of all is required – the war against your-stupid-self!

It’s time to act. Either via ruling coalition or the uprising opposition force. Whichever serves the people’s interest best and in a very righteous way that serves universal values (I said righteous way because majority of people’s interest could still be bad in the eyes of God), the people will vouch their support for it.

So, whichever party that is not ready, it’ll be diluted as time passes by – bye bye – the train is leaving.

No more racial cards. No more discrimination. Malaysia could be an example of God’s miracle!

Let’s do it the right way. I know for sure I’m doing all of these through my work. How about you people out there? What are you doing to make things right? Nobody says it’ll be easy but not impossible.

And I hope, the people who will be sent to the deepest of Hell in the hereafter are those who proclaim he/she fights Islam but action says otherwise. May God have mercy on him/her.

p.s. Can’t wait to get my hands on your new book – been waiting for it for quite some time

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Malaysia Today: A little bit of Selangor history

My comment on MT's posting: A little bit of Selangor history

Dear People of Malaysia,

Fair enough we have been spoon fed with only 1 side of the history. However, this does not stop each one of you to study more history. The point is, you all are still the spoon-fed products that was produced in the first place. History such as what RPK wrote is an example that many of us are too lazy to read on more or research by yourself. All things want to be readied in front of their eyes and then swallow the facts given and then continuously blame the government for not doing enough.

The point is, our biggest problem, as usual is the inactions and too much complaints. Go la to internet/library/reliable sources and learn history. Read on la the likes to Ahmad Bustamam, Dr Burhanuddin Hj Helmi, Pak Sako, Chin Peng, Said Zahari and the likes.

I bet after government change to Pakatan Rakyat later pun, the same noise will be made again and again because the hardest thing to change is always and has always been YOUR-BLOODY-SELF.

Semua nak harap orang lain yang tukar but sendiri tak mau improve! Bodoh kan manusia ni? Sangatlah bengong! And worst, even other people tell you a grandfather story, the ignorant person that you are will believe it 100% as a history fact. I am not saying RPK is not writing the truth but, as an example, given an input, think, process and synthesize la the info first, before deciding true or otherwise.

Self leadership is one bloody thing we Malaysians failed miserably. Thus the current situation. It's too bloody easy to blame other people but yourself.

An ayat in Quran (not sure which ayat) : Nasib sesuatu kaum (I hope you interpret this all people and not any particular race) tidak akan bertukar selagi ia sendiri tidak bertukar.

So, do you want to start to act, people? Otherwise, sambung la your complaints tu. Sampai mati pun sama ja. Inaction and incapable bunch of people! Tau complaint je.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Ketuanan Melayu

My comment on Che Det's posting : Ketuanan Melayu

My dearest Tun,

There's a lot that I'd like to say/ask/share with you since you led the country ever since I was born. Your name is almost synonymous to Malaysia’s name by itself and I do still admire some of your qualities till this very day. Ambil yang jernih, buang yang keruh la kan?

Ok, that’s the intro and now back to subject matter.

When do you think will Malaysia be truly free of these racial parties that we have now? Honestly, I ask?

If it never will, I guess we all have failed to uphold what Islam is all about, you included. Why must you fight for Melayu alone? Why not fight for Malaysia or for better, the world?

Where is the equality & fairness that Islam teaches? I don’t recall in any ayat in the Holy Quran that justifies any ‘ketuanan’ element by any race. There is of course, the ‘Choosen People’ but wisdom would point out that we should not follow bad examples, kan? Then why there is still UMNO / MCA / MIC? Satan is thrown out of Heaven because he thought he is better than Adam. Sounds familiar to ketuanan Melayu? At the end of days, we are all judged equal rather than the colour of our skin nor from where we come from! You’re a doctor and you’d know too well we all came from one source. So, Apek, An-ne, Amoi, Achi are all relative of yours and mine, tak ke?

I could understand then, that when Datuk Onn Jaafar tried to create a multiracial party, it failed because maybe it wasn’t time yet and people are not fully prepared for it. It boils down to the level of education that we had at that moment and the nation was still at its tender years.

Now, 50 years on. A LOT of people are educated and learned. We don’t just listen to what the government says but rather, we analyse critically the information that was fed to us. To be a developed nation, you can’t easily fool its citizen and spoon feed them anymore right? We want the truth. We want the best. We want things fair & square.

So, we are really tired of all of these Malay / Chinese/ Indian / Singh/ Iban / Kadazan / Melanau / Bajau / Penan / what have you - racial lines and political parties that fight for their individual race. Again, when did Islam teach one race is superior to the other? Doing so in the first is already not Islamic.

If you want to fight, fight for a greater cause that benefits Malaysians us all, not just Kedahans only or Doctors only or Malays only. Don’t la do the old school stuff i.e. Melayu this, Melayu that. It doesn’t work anymore. This is where I’d say “penat & menyampah” to hear all them. It’s time to pull off the ‘handicap’ as how Tun Dr. Ismail put it. It’s long due. The longer it is in place, the negative overpowers the positive.

Still, I do some admire your leadership qualities because you do inspire and motivate people to do better and that is something not ANYBODY can do. Like I said, buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih.

Thanks Tun and rest assured that I am and will continue to do my part to contribute to this beloved nation & place we call home. You’ve played some part to inspire me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The People's Parliament : An open invitation to the chimps of Malay sovereignty

My comment on The People's Parliament posting : An open invitation to the chimps of Malay sovereignty

Dear Haris,

It's time to put this stupid debate on 'Ketuanan Melayu' or 'Malay Supremacy' shits to the grave.

It's time too to make this ignorant Melayu realise what Islam is all about. People who promote Malay Supremacy like these are the real reason why our Malaysia is not a better place to live in. Pure hypocrisy! I didn’t recall during Rasulullah's (PBUH) time in Medina that he sets a policy favouring a particular race/religion in Piagam Madinah. Kan?

Good to note that you realise this race supremacy word sounds much like how Zionism was founded! It makes them just alike! Fair & justice ape ni?

May you long put these matters to rest and rescue what Islam stands for really.

I’m bloody tired to hear anything about Persatuan/Gabungan Melayu etc. etc. etc.

Yeah, go debate with them and see how they argue sorry pathetic points.

Thank god I went to national school called Kajang High School. There we compete with the best and survive based on same level playing field. Am so proud of myself.

Next, what’s your take on Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBPs)? They are too Malay to my liking, not enough ‘real’ competition and lacks the mixture of Bangsa Malaysia. That’s why I decided against going to SBPs when I got the offer.

Oh, I’m Malay and will try his best not to send my kids to any boarding school. Only exception is if and only if the boarding school is multiracial!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Malaysia Today: Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng flies on economy class!

My comment on MT's posting : Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng flies on economy class!

Walk the Talk. He has done. He’s the boss. But will his team members do the same? That remains as a question.

The thing is, he needs to re-look at the whole remuneration package for the people who work for the government.

I hope he will invest his time in managing his people as without doubt, without people, nothing can move. And his teams are important to everything. Leadership without people would not work.

Practical approach would be to re-look at how people are being paid, in totality, both cash and benefits. The people who works for the government must be tied up with appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) so that they are motivated to achieve their targeted pay/bonus etc.

We all have to face it that people are motivated by returns. After all, not many people nowadays would do work for free – read that National Service and serving the government is a National Service. There must be something in returns that he/she gets after a hard day work in the office or where that may be.

So, I hope LGE would lead the way to show that government is an attractive career prospect and must be paid among the best in the industry, or better, in the country. With the right values and behaviour, you’ll achieve wonders. People’s power is just unlimited!

Invest a little, and reap the rewards. You reap what you sow.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Screenshot: Blogging Live in Parliament

My comment on Screenshot's posting : Blogging Live in Parliment

Dear Jeff,

*warning, this is a long article*

Now we know what you and Tony Pua are looking into, may we know who's looking into transportation matters especially on public transportation from the Opposition side?

Taking KTM Komuter for instance, its service started way back in 1994/5 and thus with about 13/14 years of operation experience, its services have not improved much. Now with the oil price on the rise (which is out of our control), improvement on public transportation around Klang Valley especially must be a high priority to ease the burden of high oil price.

A good look at North-South Highway into KL everyday, you can easily see only a few cars where people car-pool together. The rest, all are driving alone in their cars. But we can hardly blame them as the coverage and services of our public transports are just bad. Very bad in fact – from my own personal experience!

My proposal on how to move forward with Public Transportation System:


Increase stress/pressure on service providers to improve their services as per their service level agreements (SLA) if any. If they don’t, pressure the CEO to step down and get somebody who can lead the company well and beyond expectation. Ke Malaysians are short of good CEOs? I don’t care you’re white ka, hijau ka, as long as you can work! We give the current service providers 90 days to come out with Business Turnaround Plan (if tak tahu go learn from Datuk Idris Jala) that are do-able and cut cost (while increase profit).

There’s too many cities you can start benchmarking on public transportation – closest Singapore or if we go a bit further, Hong Kong. Their transportation are integrated – busses, MRT/LRT all use the same ticket (now, let’s start this first one-company-rule-all before we talk about the bad things of monopoly) and more importantly RELIABLE and ON TIME!

All the people want is a comfortable travel to work for a productive day work. If I’m productive, so will be our nation’s economy. Have you esp. MPs try to take public transport? Try to take a Komuter & LRT from Kajang to KLCC at peak hours. It’s such a painful experience. I’ve tried for 3 years and gave up eventually. I’ll need to stand and hardly any spaces to breath. Macam sardine! It’s all about managing operations, but what’s so hard to improve it, right?

Developments to cover more towns within Klang Valley (long term plan should cover whole of Malaysia la, but short term let’s focus on Klang Valley first) is too slow at the moment. Let’s speed this up and get more people to use the public transport hence less dependency on oil (although power generated would still depend on oil but I bet mathematically, we’ll use less in totality if everyone uses public transport & minimise driving their own cars).

The current transportation system is too disconnected. If you look at London’s Tube, train, Light Railway & bus operations, they cover up to 9 different zones. Heathrow Airport for instance, is in Zone 6 and is very well connected to a LOT of destinations via tube, train and bus. Why can’t we have this? Not enough engineers and business developers are we?

Some people argue that public transportation business is not profitable, thus no money to be invested to improve the system. Then, how in the world companies in developed countries such as Japan, Australia, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more can afford to continuously improve and provide comfortable services to the people? Why? If we don’t know how to do it, why can’t we learn from this company? As easy as picking up the phone then meet these experts and learn from them, what is so bloody hard to do? But don’t lar learn things too slow! I’m sure Malaysians are up to the mark to do so in timely manner.

If you can’t find any fund to finance the developments, what would you do? Wait for Federal gov’t to give you some money? If that is the case, I’m sorry; you MPs are not worth it at all.

Haven’t anybody learn how to raise capital or invite investors from overseas? No, I’m not talking about Along! I mean, in pure business sense. IPOs, bonds, FDIs etc. I think people have to start really using their brains. Again, if you meet dead end, learn lar from bigger companies on how they do it – with full of integrity that is. No hanky panky please!

So, you see, transportation system is purely a hygienic matter. It has BIG impact on people. Imagine the productivity level when people come to work happily, full of energy and wanting to do more? Fuh, I bet Malaysia can be fully developed 1 year before 2020.

If PR or BN can’t do this, who else can we hope for? Why can’t you people in the Parliament focus on these matters that are very hygienic things that needs attention and provide to people rather than other juicy matters that you guys may be shouting across the benches in Parliament? I agree people are fickle and they’re the mob but as long as hygienic matter such as this is addressed, we’d all be happy and shall give credit to the responsible party.

I don’t like to leave comments only. If I complain/comment only, aiya, same la like other people – tahu cakap saja!. At least I’m trying to give out ideas on how to move forward. Focus on solution, not the problem! I can help as much as providing ideas here and hope it will be taken care of. After all, you guys are paid MPs and have a job to do. Please get it done.

By the way, you all should know I’m 26 years old and has about 4 years of working experience only. So, if the above suggestions are not good enough, I know I’m not good enough yet but I want to learn more so that I can do more for this country. And I’m Malay too with minimal ability to comprehend in English, so sorry la for the inappropriate vocab/grammar.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Malaysia Today : KL-Singapore bullet train halted at drawing board

My comment on MT's posting : KL-Singapore bullet train halted at drawing board

Okay people, I think this is a good opportunity to let YTL know that there are better places for them to invest their money & make money while serving the people.

For one, the current commuter, Monorail & Star/Putra needs to be revamped! I’ve travelled using KTM Komuter since 1995-6 and now it is 2008. So, KTM Komuter has a total of 12 – 13 years of operational experience in operating the business. However, till today, I bet 99.99% of the users of KTM Komuter are not happy with their services. Why you ask? Try la to take a train from Kajang to KL Sentral. See if standing up for 45 mins (if you’re lucky or it could be worst) with trains packed up like Sardine seems to be any kind of developed nation’s public transport. Then, queue up at KL Sentral to KLCC that needs a good 5 – 6 trains to pass by before you can hurl yourself into the LRT.

So, YTL, please take note. You can serve the people better to provide such facility rather than building a whole new railway lines. To benchmark our public transportations against those in developed nations, we are far far off. The closest we can learn from is Singapore’s public transport, NOT building a train from KL to Singapore! We know you got a lot of money, so spend la wisely!

Ours is definitely not integrated. Why can’t we be? Buying ticket pun different kind of tickets. Why can’t one be used for all. Don’t argue on the monopoly crap. So what if it helps to integrate the whole system. Please la, we have enough MBAs or PhDs locally or internationally to think of a better way to deliver a better integrated public transportation system.

And lastly, a special note to people who work in KTM Komuter (especially this line of transportation), Star/Putra LRT and Monorail. Can I ask something? Don’t you have any passion to serve the people better? If not, please look for other jobs and let people who has passion to work with public transportation do a better job. I can’t understand why, for instance, informing the Komuter is late or will be late, is such a hard to thing to do? Or keeping the Komuter to be reliably on time all times! In Melbourne, if the trams do not arrive on time for less than 95% times in a month, they will lower the fare. Maybe KTM should do the same.

Performance of your day to day work matter to the people who travels every day! Please do your best, we need a better & improved public transportation system!